Your child will learn through positive reinforcement in the areas of math, science, language, literature and social studies. This will ensure success and a self-motivated child.

2-year-olds work on colors, shapes, counting, names, patterning, tearing, cutting and much more.  Your child will learn to sit in circle for story time and play in small groups while learning rules of the school as well as rules of society. Art enrichment activities are designed to expand their creativity, which allows for a better understanding of the world around them.

Your child will be working with his/her peers in a small classroom environment. Through conversations and problem solving, social skills are developed. This helps your child prepare language, independence and high self-esteem.

2's Curriculum

Creative Years 2-year-olds are exposed to a variety of creative art activities, which will inspire their own uniqueness. Art activities play a valuable role in the development of small motor skills. Your child will be painting, molding, and doing other activities that will strengthen his/her hand muscles, preparing him/her to hold a pencil correctly. Music awareness and use of instruments as well as song and dance will be a part of his/her day. Expression through literature helps your child develop a creative and imaginary mind. Cooking projects give your child an opportunity, through the science of cooking, to create something edible.