3's Curriculum

Math includes counting, number recognition, patterning and sorting.  Many different science experiments allows discovery, and your child gets to experience all this first hand by doing it himself/herself.

A variety of art enrichment activities are on the curriculum. Your child is encouraged to create his/her own art pieces just the way he/she sees it best. In our preschool, there are no precut art projects available. We rely on your child's endless imagination to create art masterpieces. 

3-Year-olds work with a variety of goals each month. The goals are reached by giving your child opportunities to explore, experience and work together with their professional teacher's guidance. Through Math and Science, Library, Music, Art and Dramatic Play we develop both sides of the brain allowing your child to enhance his/her further learning.

Because your child is in a small class size of 10, his/her teacher can work closely on individual social skills. Examples of this are; how to get along with others, solve conflicts (with adult help and guidance), and how to  become responsible and an independent individual.

Play gives your child the freedom to imagine, explore and create using their own thoughts and ideas. Supporting the development of the mind leads to life-long learning.

Your child learns finger plays, nursery rhymes, book care and proper use of supplies. He/she works on the alphabet, not only recognition of the letter, but also writing skills and phonics. Spanish will be introduced as well.  

Music, an essential part of Creative Years curriculum, we will expose your child to a wide variety of musical styles. Your child will sing, dance, play instruments and participate in marching bands. Click the "Music Program tab" for more information.