Toddler Program

Creative Years Toddler program is designed for your active and curious child. Your child will start in this program at 18 months old. Your child can enroll to come to school 2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week. You can choose the days your child will attend.

We work on social skills, problem solving skills and create developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences that will keep your child busy and safe.
Toddlers are naturally wanting to discover new things and our small class size provides them with the environment to do that.

Our teachers get to know each child, learn their interests and plan developmentally appropriate, engaging activities such as; painting, water and sand play, book exploration, manipulative play, small group experiences and group circle times. All of these experiences pave the way for toddlers in their path towards lifelong learning. 

As your toddler is working on their language skills our teachers work with them to encourage verbal communication. When toddlers are understood, they feel important and it is meaningful to them.  

Coordination of body and self control are also part of learning for toddlers. With our curriculum your child will work on these skills on daily basis. ​

Infant Program

Creative Years implements the R.I.E. approach that gives your baby, ages 10 weeks - 17 months, the freedom of movement and self-awareness. Your child will be loved and cared for so that they can develop at their own pace. Your child can enroll to come to school Monday-Friday, Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thu.
The infant classroom environment is physically safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing. Your baby will have uninterrupted playtime and the freedom to explore and interact with other infants.

Your infant will be involved in all care activities (diapering, hand washing, feeding etc.) allowing him or her to become an active participant rather than be a passive recipient. When you come for a tour, we will explain more of how this works and the benefits to your baby.

Our teachers will observe your baby closely and sensitively in order to understand and fulfill his or her needs.