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Q: How long has the school been here?
A: Creative Years started in 1979, we have been at the same location. We currently have children enrolled whose parents attended preschool here. 

Q: Are there any hidden yearly fees?
A: No, all books and materials are included in the tuition. Cooking projects, the music program and all extra curricular activities are included in the tuition.

Q: Is there a large turn over rate of teachers?
A: Our teachers have chosen teaching preschool as their careers, therefore turnover is very low. 90% of our teachers have been with us over 5 years and half of them over 10 years.

Q: What are the teacher qualifications?
A: All our teachers qualify as lead teachers with California's social services (Licencing agency). Many have an Associate of Arts or Bachelors Degree in Child Development.  All of our staff are current in CPR and First Aid Certifications. We encourage further education through community workshops and conferences and provide yearly staff development training.

Q: What is the class ratio?
A: It is necessary to have the class ratio as small as possible. In our 2's program there are 6-8 children with 1 lead teacher. In the 3's and Pre-K programs there are 10 children with 1 lead teacher. Creative Years maintains ratios well below California state regulations of 12 children with 1 teacher ages 2-6. Your child learns better in a smaller class and this allows the teacher to spend more time one on one with your child.

Q: Does the teacher move with the class?
A: Yes, she does. The teacher and class stay together for the duration of the day.

Q: How are the school and toys cleaned?
A: Each night there is a professional cleaning crew that comes in to clean and they make sure everything is sanitary. The toys are cleaned after each use follwing the Covid guideliness.

Q: Do the children watch TV or videos during their day at school?
A: No, we do not have TV's in the classrooms. We provide other materials to stimulate your child's brain.

Q: How often are the sleeping cots cleaned?
A: We provide the sheets which are laundered weekly. We also disinfect the cots on weekly basis.

Q: Is there a dress code for my child? 
A: We require children wear shoes, they must be closed toes and closed or strap in the back. Other than that your child is welcome to come in play clothes he/she is comfortable in.

Q: Will my child get messy?
A: Yes, it is likely. We recommend wearing play clothes that are okay to get messy. We do provide smocks in the art rooms.

Q: How does the school discipline? 
A: Little discipline is needed when children are happy and have planned activities that keep them stimulated. We use redirection as opposed to time outs, with a emphasis on teaching children problem solving. We also use conflict resolution allowing the teacher to role play with a child or children to model good behavior. 

Q: My child's birthday is next month can I bring cupcakes for the class?
A: We promote healthy habits and therefore will not be able to serve any cupcakes, cookies etc for any occasion. Please ask us for a "Birthday celebration handout" that will have suggestions on what to bring.

Q: My child has food allergies, what is the school policy regarding that?
A: We use extra caution when it comes to food allergies. Allergy lists are posted in all the rooms where food is served. If your child has an Epi-pen, we need one on site. All of our staff has been trained at administering a Epi-pen in case of an emergency. 

Q: Does the school serve anything with nuts? 

A: All our snacks are nut free. However if a child has packed a nut product in their lunch it is ok for them to eat it. For children with allergies we will seat them at a different table with other friends that have nut free lunches.

Q: Is there a nurse on site?
A: No, however all of our teachers are CPR and First Aid certified.  We will take care of the situation right away and call 911 if there is ever a need for that.

Q: What is your sick policy?
A: Your child must be 72 hours fever free and without fever reducing medication due to Covid restrictions prior to returning to school. If your child has a rash or goopy eyes you will need a doctor's note to return to school.  For details please refer to our "Illness procedures booklet" that you will receive/received inside your tour folder.

Q: What happens if medication needs to be given?
A: We have a form that you'll fill out. The medication(s) must be in the original container. The container dosage must match your child's age, if not then a doctor's prescription is required. The medications will be administered at 12pm and/or 4pm daily.

Q: Do you apply sunblock?
A: Yes, of course. Please bring sunblock to with your child's name on it and fill out a form that we keep on file. Our teachers will apply it in the afternoon before going outside.

Q: What kind of security do you have?
A: We have cameras recording everything that happens outside and inside.


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