Music Program

Music for Preschool Age Kids
Little Kids love to sing, dance, and play instruments! They also enjoy our entertaining musical stories and fun songs in this lively, age-appropriate class. It’s the perfect start for learning music! Visuals, picture books, and adorable puppets help make the music come to life! Children develop memory skills and language, timing, rhythm, pitch matching, and other musical skills in a comfortable and age-appropriate learning environment with their preschool friends and teachers. 

​​Recent studies have demonstrated that music involvement for preschoolers can enhance your child's spatial intelligence and increase his/her ability to grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

Studies from the American Music Conference have shown that children who regularly participate in music have shown dramatic improvements in memory retention skills, eye hand coordination, and spatial temporal reasoning skills. 

Because of Covid regulations our professional music teacher is currently not conducting her class, she will return at a later day.

A professional music teacher, Mindy Cabral with The Little School Of Music, comes to Creative Years and teaches music to everyone enrolled at the school. As we are an all inclusive program this class too, has no extra cost to you. All the students get the benefits as long as you are here during the time your class is scheduled to attend the class.

Music for Babies & Toddlers
What can babies & toddlers do? They can sing, dance, communicate, and learn through a variety of fun and age-appropriate musical activities. We develop memory skills and language while learning the elements of music though delightful songs, instrument playing, and exploration. Our youngest musicians have a lot of fun as they learn in this nurturing musical environment with our preschool friends and teachers.