Music Program

A professional music teacher comes to Creative Years and teaches  music to everyone enrolled at the school. This class has no extra cost to you.

Music & Movin’ is proud to partner with the school to give your child a music enrichment program that serves all of the students at the preschool. Music & Movin’ is an early childhood music program that has been offered in Santa Clarita since 2002 and through Creative Years since 2006. 

​​Recent studies have demonstrated that music involvement for preschoolers can enhance your child's spatial intelligence and increase his/her ability to grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

Studies from the American Music Conference have shown that children who regularly participate in music have shown dramatic improvements in memory retention skills, eye hand coordination, and spatial temporal reasoning skills. 

Music & Movin’ works alongside Creative Years to support the curriculum already in place. As children study new concepts in their classrooms (colors, shapes, character traits), Music & Movin’ comes alongside and provides music activities to help reinforce those concepts. Using drums, maracas, triangles, puppets, scarves and so much more, your child is guided through an array of musical experiences.