Music Program

​​Recent studies have demonstrated that music involvement for preschoolers can enhance your child's spatial intelligence and increase his/her ability to grasp abstract mathematical concepts.

Studies from the American Music Conference have shown that children who regularly participate in music have shown dramatic improvements in memory retention skills, eye hand coordination, and spatial temporal reasoning skills. 

A professional music teacher, Jennifer Prado, comes to Creative Years and teaches music to everyone enrolled at the school. This class has no extra cost to you.

"Baby Steps" music program is designed for Infants and Toddlers. It is based off an auditory perspective that allows kids to be the creators of what has their attention.  Teachers associate sounds and movements with an array of instruments and activities to keep them engaged while creating a music foundation to build from.

For ages 2 and older there is "Music and Movement" program. The children take an adventure into an assortment of different instruments while incorporating ear training, music theory, intonation and rhythm.