Outside Play Time

"Bike Trail Yard" (above) has a paved bike route and a large sandbox area and "Sandbox Yard" (below) has an even larger sandbox and a large green grassy area for games. They both give an excellent opportunity for outdoor play.

Park like play yards at Creative Years have been architecturally designed and landscaped especially for young children. Focusing on your child's need for outdoor physical activities and large motor skills exercise throughout the day, the yards give your child a challenging, yet safe, environment to play.

Riding bikes, playing games on a large grass area and digging in the sandbox are some of the activities your child can select.

When your child is enrolled in the Full Day Preschool program he/she uses each of these yards daily. One during the morning and the other during the afternoon outside time.

When your child is enrolled in the Half Day Preschool Program he/she uses this yard (picture below). With a large paved bike trail and sandbox area your child gets to choose what he/she wants to do each day.​​

Your infant and toddler has a special yard designed just for him/her (photo below). Your infant can crawl on the grass or lay on a blanket. The equipment meets the needs of a toddler size child, their smaller body and physical level. The trikes are small in size so that the children can easily ride one and feel successful about being able to maneuver on the biketrail. The slides are a perfect size for a toddler and therefore are safe to climb on and slide down.​