Pre-K Curriculum

Art is taught with a wide variety of mediums. Exceptional creativity is the goal of the school. Your child can, in his/her own way, experience the joy of creativity. Non directed art projects allows for individualization according to your child's unique perspective. There are no precut art projects done in Creative Years. 

Music, an essential part of Creative Years curriculum, will expose your child to a wide variety of musical styles. Your child will sing, dance, play instruments and participate in marching bands. Click the "Music Program tab" for more information.

​Throughout the day, in all social situations with friends, problem solving and making independent choices is encouraged. As your child is given opportunities to solve his/her own problems, he/she will become more independent and confident with their peers. This will help him/her greatly in the future with new situations and people they are meeting for the first time.

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum focus is for your child to be prepared to go to Kindergarten.  With a maximum of 10 children in a class the teacher has many opportunities throughout the day to teach your child the skills he/she need to master by the time Kindergarten starts.

Your child works on mastering his/her writing skills using the Handwriting Without Tears program. Your child learns phonics, with the goal of reading sight words before entering Kindergarten. There will be simple Spanish words that are taught as well.  

​Your child will be practicing writing numbers 1 to 20 and counting to 100.  He/she may even be doing simple adding and subtracting.  Phone numbers, special science experiments and learning about weather, magnets, recycling, dental health, body parts and much more will be done during science discovery time.  ​​