We only serve healthy snacks. When your child learns good eating habits at a young age, he/she will be more likely to make healthy choices later on in life. Creative Years snack menu changes daily and is posted on the bulletin boards by the kitchens so you always know what your child is offered.

Snack & Lunch

LUNCH is served for the full day children from 11:45am-12:30pm. 

For your convenience, and hassle free mornings, you can order a hot lunch for your child from us. ​​

July Hot Lunch Menu

Always freshly cooked, hot lunches include all the food groups and offers your child a nice tasty meal for lunch. You may choose the days you wish to order hot lunches, or you can get them each day your child attends (pre-order the entire month).

You are welcome to make your child a lunch and put it in a lunch box with a cold pack to keep it from spoiling while in the cubby. We have microwaves in all the rooms, and are happy to heat up any items your child wishes to eat warm.

Good Nutrition plays an important part in your child's growth and development.

We provide two snacks daily. Nutritious snack menus are distributed and posted quarterly on the bulletin boards by the kitchens. 

ALLERGIES: We take allergies very seriously. Allergy lists are posted in all the rooms that food is served.  

If your child has an Epi-pen for any reason you are asked to bring one for us to keep here. All of our teachers are trained on how to use the Epi-pen.